Peace Museum Vienna is looking for an intern to help and manage Peace Museum Vienna. We are interested in young people who have a degree or soon to get degree in the field of Peace Studies, Communications, International Relations, Media Studies, etc. We’d like to work with people who are deeply interested in or have studied the field of peace studies. The interns are going to work with the Peace Museum Vienna Team, especially on the Peace Heroes Project and Windows for Peace, but also with the upcomming events. You will feel free to develop your own ideas and projects with us. The intern/s will have a unique opportunity to contribute to the world peace while working with very experienced experts in the field of peace studies, and at the same time will have a great chance to live in Vienna, the beautiful capital city of Austria.The volunteers have the chance to help out with the daily life of the Museum as well as participate in our different projects:

-Peace Museum Vienna frequently organizes different events and exhibitions which are related to peace. We work together with several artists and organizations from the city or internationally.

– Together with the Youth for Human Rights we want to transport the important topic of Peace into Vienna’s students, with our Peace education programmes.

– Peace Kitchens are special events at Peace Museum Vienna. The goal of a Peace Kitchen is to provoke a discussion on peace and seek a way forward.

– We also organise concerts, conferences, expositions and filmscreenings.

Ideal candidate:

Peace Museum Vienna is looking for interns in the following capacities:

  • Web designing
  • Social Media strategy and Public outreach
  • Writing proposal for funding
  • Managing the Peace Museum Vienna and its Windows for Peace Project
  • Being able to conduct Peace Education tour in schools and to public visitors.
  • Fund-raising


We are also looking for interns for the same tasks in The Hague,  and New York Offices.


We would especially welcome volunteers with the following capacities; Web designing, Social Media strategy and Public outreach, writiting proposal for funding, managing the Peace Museum Vienna and its Windows for Peace Project, being able to conduct Peace Education tour in schools and to public visitors.


Peace Museum Vienna can offer:
We are a non-for-profit organization and our budget is based on donations. So we don’t have budget to offer neither in the form of accommodation nor in the form otherwise. So we could offer a Certificate at the end of each intern or volunteer, we will be willing to help with any scholarship’s documentation.


Peace Museum Vienna provides an excellent opportunity to the interns to work with a professional team and be able to meet famous people involved in the world of peace.



We would like to offer minimum of two months internship to interested individuals and can last as long as up to six months, but this can be discussed individually since we are flexible.

Please send a movtivation letter and your CV to Ali Ahmad Safi