Peace Doers

Antonia Boeneke
She was born in China, and adopted into an American family by parents from Germany and the former Soviet Union, with relatives in the US, Russia and Israel. She is currently a third year politics student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Antonia believes it is our duty to educate and to promote attitudes and approaches that would place the promotion and maintenance of peace at the center of everyone’s life. Peace education must become part of a daily routine, it must range from the way we interact with each other with understanding and empathy to a recognition and deep appreciation of the lives of those who have justly been honored as ‘Peace Heroes’. Peace is more than the absence of conflict; peace is an attitude and a way of life; peace is life
Theophilus Brako Boateng
Web developer
Theophilus Brako Boateng currently serves as a web developer for Peace Museum Vienna and Peace Museum Colorado. He has served since May 2016 and has contributed massively in promoting peace through our website. He is currently a fourth year Computer Engineering student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Theophilus believes peace must be promoted daily, weekly , every time till every soul makes peace a priority. "If you want to make peace, talk to your enemies."
Mami Kawamura
Mami Kawamura is an anthropology student from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan. For Mami, "Peace means being calm and open minded to other cultures and religions."
Martina Šmardová
Martina currently finished studies of International Relations at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. In her field of study she is interested in foreign policy and civil society. As a Scout leader, Martina believes, that people, especially young ones, have a great potential if they have an opportunity to evolve. Peace heroes are for her example of people, who were not afraid to make a difference.
Sophia Kakarala
Project Manager
She is in her second year of a BA in Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge University. Although she was born in New Zealand, she grew up in California, and moved to England a year ago. During her time at PMV, she would like to do some research into the relationship between media coverage and violence, and alternative ways for journalists to cover war. To Sophia, peace is respect for human life and dignity.
Anna Shramchuk
Social Media/Web development
Anna Shramchuk, a Marketing student from Helsinki, Finland was born in Ukraine, raised in Finland and now located in beautiful Austria. She deems it an honor to be part of the Peace Community in Vienna. Currently, she is escalating peace through our website and social media marketing. Anna brings peace in everyday life with a smile just as Mother Teresa used to do.