Peace Heroes Walk

Peace Museum Vienna Walk
October 8, 2016
11:00 at Stephansplatz


Peace Heroes Walk Vienna


Meeting point: Stephansplatz near Aida

11:00h Registration: Come meet your team captain, register for the workshops, buy your T-shirt and collect promotional materials at the registration point.
11:30 Opening ceremony
1) Dr. Klaus Renoldner president of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
2) Jenae Armstrong (Master of Advanced International Studies)
3) Ali Ahmad Director of the Peace Museum Vienna

12:00 Start Walking !
Gather with your Team Captain, grab your posters and promotional materials, and start walking.

Contact: Liska Blodgett
Phone number : 0043 676 644 81 91
Entertainment for children will be provided before, during and after the walk! Come with the
little ones too.
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Peace Workshops:
Location : Kaiciid Dialogue Center- Schottenring 21, 1010 Wien
Held by : Jalka- Konflik Kultur, Lonnie Franks, IPPNW Austria
Title :Bertha von Suttner
Description: This workshop wants to draw awareness to peace matters, emphasizing Bertha von Suttner as one of the leading figures of the peace movements. Facts and stories about her and about the development of peace activities present an important aspect of the history of our civil society and democracy. Most monuments in our cities display ‘heroes of wars’, but peace and human rights are hardly ever subjects for a memorial culture. Only a change in thinking will bring about changes in actions… Peace depends on the people.

Title :“Why do we need peace heroes”
Description :The workshop would be about how Peace Heroes help us to learn about the “art” of living peaceably. We are not born knowing this. It would cover questions like what is literacy and, therefore, what is peace literacy? What are some essential life skills and how do we learn them? What does it mean to society to be pre-literate in peace? What is a peace hero? What are the peace hero ideals? Why do we need peace heroes and peace hero ideals? How do peace heroes and peace hero ideals protect our fragile future?

Title: “From small Arms to Nuclear Weapons : How they endanger peace, security and health”
Description : Participants learn about the problem of arms traffic and the high amount of victims as a consequence from the existence of so many guns and other light weapons. They learn about the arms trade business and various intents to reduce it and make the world safer. Participants learn about the physical characteristics of nuclear weapons and about the medical and humanitarian consequences of the use of nuclear weapons. The poster exhibition explains in detail seven reasons why the world urgently needs a treaty about a prohibition of nuclear weapons, why the abolition of NWs is the only suitable way to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

Location : Peace Museum Vienna – Blutgasse 3/1, 1010 (Target audience: Youth)
Held by : Abdulrab Habibyar and Youth for Human Rights Austria

Title :“Art for Peace”
Description : Plastic arts are the purest expression of creativity, by giving children the chance to
express themselves we give them the tools to project their inner wellbeing. This workshop would
be an artistic session where will get engage in drawing and painting, developing their inner
creativity around a Peace symbol

Title:What are Human Rights?
Description:Every person is entitled to certain rights – simply by the fact that they are human
being. They are rights because they are things you are allowed to be, to do or to have. The aim of the workshop is to educate youth in human rights so they become advocates for tolerance and peace. The workshop will be an interactive an entertaining experience for the young ones to learn about their rights, how to protect and promote them.
Location : Mexikanisches Kulturinstitut – Türkenstraße 15, 1090 Wien
Held by : Free girls movement

Title: Gender equality as tool for peace.
Description: Discussing the Sustainable Development Goals and the link between gender equality and peace. Peace is vital to promote gender equality, while gender inequality can also undermine peace and drive conflict and violence. There is strong evidence that the gender
norms that underpin inequality can drive conflict and violence, particularly when cultural notions of masculinity are associated with domination and control.


What is a Peace Walk?

A Peace Walk is a form of nonviolent action, where groups of people walk a set distance to raise awareness on particular issues. The Peace Walk in Vienna will be focusing on individuals who have contributed greatly to bettering the world, regardless of whether it was on a local or international scale. We call them “Peace Heroes”. The Peace Walk Vienna is not a demonstration and the Peace Museum Vienna and its participants are not activists of any kind.

Who is a “Peace Hero”?

A “Peace Hero” is an everyday person who accepts risk and succeeds in making the world a less violent and more just place. Generally, there are four ideals that make a person a “Peace Hero”. Firstly, the individual must recognize the interconnections of people, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and so forth. Secondly, a “Peace Hero” must promote justice in the face of discrimination. Thirdly, the person should reject any form of vengeance. Last, but not least, this individual must foster reconciliation and friendships.

What is the objective of the Peace Heroes Walk Vienna?

Our aim is to promote and educate the public about the lives of exceptional people who will be represented as “Peace Heroes” in the Peace Walk. The Peace Museum Vienna seeks to inspire a new generation of peace leaders through ‘Peace Education’. We hope that these new peace leaders construct a more peaceful world, where nonviolence is the way of life. Therefore, the Peace Heroes Walk is part of our Peace Education program and serves as an educational activity. It is a fundraising event, where donations will be collected before the actual date of the Peace Heroes Walk. These donations will go to the Peace Museum Vienna’s activities, so we can continue our work, as well as to the organizations we collaborate with.

Who can participate in the Peace Heroes Walk Vienna and what will I be doing?

It is a family-friendly fundraising event and everyone is welcomed to participate across all borders! The Peace Walk will be organized into different teams, each team representing their “Peace Hero”.

Before the event takes place, your team is responsible for recruiting members to join your team and to collect donations. The Peace

Museum Vienna Team will always be available to help you and your team with any inquiries or difficulties.

While walking with the other teams, you will be exchanging information with the other participants from different teams, as well as the public about your “Peace Hero’s” life and accomplishments.

At the end of the Peace Heroes Walk, we will be offering various workshops all related to peace. The selection of workshops that we will hold are for a wide-range of age groups, from children, to youths, to adults. Some will be held in English, while others will be in German.

What is the program for the Peace Heroes Walk Vienna?

The event will begin at 10:00am at Stephansplatz with the final destination being Heldenplatz. At 11:00 there will be an official opening ceremony in front of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. At 12:00pm the Walk will begin. At Heldenplatz there will be a number of workshops that will be offered to the participants. The event will officially end around 15:00pm.

How to can I register?

In three easy steps you can register and head your own team! To become a ‘Team Captain’ all we ask of you is a few personal details. The next step is to provide us with your “Peace Hero”. Here we need a short biography of this individual and a quote. Your selected “Peace Hero” can be historical or contemporary, as long as he or she follows the ‘Peace Hero Ideals’. In order to complete the registration, the last step requires you to pay €50. We will then provide you and your team with a T-Shirt, flyers and posters.   To register for the Peace Heroes Walk Vienna, please go to this website:

To the team captains, if you want to keep track of your members (or sponsors) and amounts donated, Download the  Team Member Roster

If you do not wish to create your own team, but would nevertheless still like to participate, you can also join an existing team!For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available through Facebook, email and telephone. If you would like to meet the Peace Museum Vienna Team, you are more than welcome to stop by the Museum any time! We are opened every day from 10:00am until 18:00pm.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you!