The Peace Museum Vienna time and again hosts special events, such as the popular Peace Kitchens. The aim of such an event is to encourage and foster a meaningful discussion on peace and the ways in which we can further expand harmony and reconciliation.
At a Peace Kitchen a number of volunteers from a particular country cook food from their country and share it with friends of the PMV and the public. On 18 March, 2016 the Museum held such an event, preparing some of the best Indian food in Vienna (even in whole of Austria)! The delicious menu ranged from authentic curries to different appetizers, such as salads, lentils and various dippings!
The Director of the Museum, Dr. Ali Ahmad spoke about how food contributes to peace and how hunger is a sad reminder of those that are less fortunate. We seek to deepen cultural understanding through food, as we believe cultural understanding is the first of many steps towards peace. Each nation has its unique culture and tradition. During times of war, the nation’s cultural aspect is often disregarded and dismissed. In fact, cultural awareness is the first step in understanding conflict and paves the path in restoring and healing the nation’s humanity.
The recent ‘Peace Kitchen India’ event was attended by the Indian Embassy delegate Mr. Pawankumar Badhe. He was in awe of the Museum and its mission, and gave a speech on food and Mahatma Gandhi’s accomplishments. The keynote speaker of the event, Mr. Badhe, delivered his speech on Indian culture and tradition and emphasized the importance of events such as the Peace Kitchen. He spoke about his perspective on Indian culture, and its diversity that is present in the southern and northern parts of the country. Yet, in spite of the differences, food unites the peoples and makes the community whole.
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