What is Peace Museum Vienna?

Peace Museum Vienna is a very ambitious and meaningful project located in Vienna, Austria’s capital city. The museum strives to contribute to world peace by educating the public about peace heroes.  The museum provides a physical space, which serves as a meeting point for discussions on peace, an exhibition hall, a center for the presentation of movies and documentaries as well as its wonderful peace kitchen events. It is also an educational meeting point and offers information sources for students, teachers, professors, and general visitors. Peace education is the central to both the current and long-term vision of Peace Museum Vienna.

Peace Museum Vienna is also known for its  ‘Windows for Peace’, project which is the first World’s Street Peace Museum. As a street museum, it is open twenty four hours a day and charges no admission fee! The ‘Windows for Peace’ are concentrated in and around Stephansplatz in the center of Vienna.  The windows are accompanied by posters and brief biographies of Peace Heroes.

PMV is committed to spreading the message of peace through various peace education programs. The target demographic for these programs are school students, who learn about peace through the lives of ‘Peace Heroes’ and how each of these heroes promoted peace in his or her own way –  be it at a local or global level.

How are we different?


Peace Museum Vienna is unique in that it exposes its visitors to the lives and struggles of those who have worked for peace. It spreads the word of peace through discussions and encourages all its visitors to think about how peace may be achieved. A visit to PMV raises an individual’s awareness of peace and peace heroes. It is also unique in terms of its approach to teaching peace.  The museum brings its visitors and students closer to Peace Heroes’ lives and amplifies their efforts to change people’s lives at a local and international level. We promote a culture of peace through the presentation of the lives of historic and contemporary Peace Heroes. PMV inspires students and visitors.

Why Vienna?


The historical city of Vienna, the capital of Austria, hosted the Viennese Congress of 1814/15, which set in place a new political order in place after the end of the Napoleon Wars. Vienna served as the venue from which an ultimatum against Serbia, the document that triggered off World War I was issued.

Today, Vienna is one of the most popular conference sites worldwide, with a beautifully preserved architectural heritage, an abundant cultural life, excellent civic amenities and an open-minded population. Vienna is regularly voted amongst the top three places to live in across the globe. Its geographical location in the heart of Central Europe allows visitors to reach the capitals cities of Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Zagreb by car or train within three hours or less. The cities of Munich and Venice can be reached in less than five hours.

What is Windows for Peace ?


Windows for Peace is a collaborative initiative created by the Peace Museum Vienna, located at Blutgasse 3, in the 1st District, and surrounding local businesses, churches and organizations.. The Windows for Peace Project will utilize windows in the Centre of Vienna to showcase influential figures from throughout history who have devoted their lives and careers to peace and tolerance. The exhibition will highlight such figures as Vienna’s own Bertha von Suttner, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi, among others. This is the first project in the world to exhibit peace heroes in windows, available to everyone – and we would like to invite you to participate.

Our aim is to highlight more than 150 Peace Heroes from June 2014 until June 2016 and increase the number to 365 by the end of 2016. We will start by focusing on the area close to the Peace Museum Vienna – we invite you to visit the windows for peace, which are already in place. The exact location of Peace Museum Vienna Windows Project includes the streets: Schulergasse, Grünangergasse, Blutgasse, Franziskanerplatz, Domgasse, Stroblgasse and Singerstrasse, situated in the center of the city.


By exhibiting personalities who have changed history through their perseverant peace activism and courage, Peace Museum Vienna educates and inspires those who stop and look at the Windows for Peace.  Visitors come away from the Windows for Peace with new ideas about how to integrate peace into their daily lives.

By helping us to create this exhibit and display the lives of those who have changed history through their perseverant peace activism and courage, you will help educate and inspire those see the Windows for Peace. Visitors will come away from the exhibit visit with new ideas about how to integrate peace into their daily lives. As a Window Sponsor, you will help change the world into a better, more peaceful place, one window at a time.



  • Windows for Peace lies in the very center of Vienna, with heavy tourist traffic. A large number of historical and touristic sites and a shopping area are located nearby, making the museum easily accessible. It is in easy walking distance of Stephansdom and Mozarthaus Vienna.


  • In addition to the crowds of tourists that flood to Stephansdom everyday, a large number of guided tours include Stephansdom and Mozart’s House. This brings visitors to the museum and makes them aware of Peace, and hopefully works to create a culture of peace. The historical significance of Vienna adds value to the museum. Vienna, the Austrian capital city, once transformed from an area which served as a military camp for the Roman Empire to the capital city of various empires. Numerous peace treaties  were also signed in Vienna.


  • The Area has heavy Viennese and Tourist Traffic/2,000 people per day


  • If you are a Donor, people will see your support on our Windows. Please Donate! Get more information about us and visit us on facebook