#Windows for Peace


The Windows for Peace Project

The Windows for Peace Project is a collaborative initiative between the Peace Museum Vienna, located at Blutgasse3; 1st District, and surrounding local businesses, churches and organizations in Vienna. The Windows for Peace Project will utilize windows in the City Centre of Vienna to showcase influential figures throughout history that have devoted their life and career to peace and tolerance. The exhibition will highlight such figures as Vienna’s own Bertha von Suttner, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, among others. This is the first project in the world to exhibit peace heroes in windows, available to everyone – and we would like to invite you to participate.
Our aim is to highlight more than 150 Peace Heroes, as from June 2014 until June 2016 and maybe further. We will start focusing on the area close to the Peace Museum Vienna – we welcome you to study the already made windows for peace there, at Blutgasse 3/1. The exact location of Peace Museum Vienna Windows Project includes the streets: Schulergasse, Grunangergasse, Blutgasse, Franziskanerplatz, Domgasse, Stroblgasse and Singerstrasse, all city
center locations.
By helping us to exhibit personalities who have changed history through their perseverance of peace activism and courage, you will help educate and inspire those who stop and look at Windows for Peace Vienna window taking with them ideas on how to integrate peace into their daily lives. As a Window Sponsor, you will help change the world into a better, more peaceful place, one window at a time.


Our project is aimed, for the first year, to cover the Singerstrasse, Gruenangergasse, Schullerstrasee, Domgasse and Blutgasse. All of the s:

  1. It is in the very center of Vienna, with heavy tourist traffic. A large number of historical and touristic sites and a shopping area are nearby, making the museum very easily accessible for people to view and talk about.
  2. It is in short walking distance from Stephansdom and Mozarthaus Vienna.
  3. In addition to the crowds of tourists that flood to Stephansdom everyday, a large number of guided tours include Stephansdom and MozarthausVienna in the tours itinerary.
  4. This brings unaware visitors to the museum,and makes them aware to Peace, and hopefully works on a culture of peace.The historical significance of Vienna adds value to the museum.Vienna, nowadays the Austrian capital city, had transformed from an area of military camp of the Roman Empire to the capital city of various empires. Numerous treaties for peace were also signed in Vienna.
  5. Area has Heavy Viennese and Tourist Traffic/2,000 people per day
  6. If you are a Donor,people will see Your support on our Windows. Please Donate!